Wheels Remolding

Significantly reduce the cost of replacing mid-rollers & idlers by having old/worn wheels retreaded with our high performance polyurethane compound.

Superior Tire & Rubber Wheel Retreading Service

Why Standard OEM wheels fail…
• Low cut & tear properties of the rubber
• Heavy Loads, long runs and high speeds cause excessive heat build-up that breaks the compound and the steel hub.
• Track misalignment
• Poor quality rubber and bonding

Save time AND money?
Our Site-Proven midroller will save you more than 50% compared to buying new replacements. Our midrollers will also outlast new replacement wheels up to 4 times longer!

Why Superior Tire & Rubber midrollers last longer…
• Our Polyurethane is engineered to provide maximum cut & tear strength
• A low coefficient of friction from the polyurethane eliminates heat build-up and bond falure
• Our polyurethane is also U.V. stable & resistant to diesel fules and other harmful solvents