Abrasion Sheet

Abrasion-resistant rubber sheets, as the name suggests, are rubber sheets that are highly resistant to any corrosion, and also gives excellent resistance to any impact. They also have a wide range of temperature within which they can operate without any problems.

They are composed of a unique mixture of natural rubber of the highest quality blended with special synthetic rubber. This gives Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet the properties that are responsible for this kind of active resistance to cuts and wear and tear of the most severe nature.

Omarain is one of the leading and best manufacturers of abrasion resistant sheets. Not only that, we are also one of the best Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet Suppliers in India and we also supply our products across five different continents.

Our success can be attributed to the fact that we never compromise on quality, as a result of which our products are highly resilient and durable at the same time.

Silicon Rubber Sheet

Silicone offers many advantages over other forms of elastomers. It is well known for its use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industry applications. It is a resilient material capable of maintaining many of its properties at extremely low and high temperatures.

Some grades of silicone rubber can remain flexible, and show low levels of compression set, down to temperatures as low as -100 °C and as high as 315 °C. It is naturally electrically insulating but can be compounded to offer high resistance for the bleeding of static charges or to offer a low resistance to conduct signal voltages. High tear resistance, good elongation at break and tensile strength are some of the other characteristics of silicone.

Silicone will keep constant even at high temperatures, but should not be used with high pressure steam. Silicone has excellent resistance to heat (dry air), at +200°C intermittent and will remain flexible at low temperatures of -70°C and is also resistant to ultra-violet light, Ozone, sea water and weathering. Silicone also exhibits low in flammability and low smoke toxicity.

Omarain silicone solid sheets are available in 1.2 metres width and can be bought as individual 1 metre lengths or multiples of 1m and are available in 10m or 5m rolls depending on the thickness. Colours include; translucent (opaque), white, red oxide as standard and blue, grey and black are readily available. The thickness range are between 0.3mm and 12mm, although other thicknesses can be supplied on request. The standard hardness is 60° shore and we can offer hardness from 30° to 80° in some instances. Please ring an advisor to check if unsure.

Hollow Mat

Product Details:

Patterno – Ring type
Water ResistantYes
Slip ResistantYes
UsesWet and snowy areas
Size Range40 (cm) – 150 (cm)
Thickness16 – 22 (mm)

We are putting forth an assortment of inventive plans from which the customers can pick their O-Ring Door Mats as pathway covers over soils or grass. Our mats keep away mud amid the blustery season furthermore secure the grass roots and appearance of bare spots from creating. Clients can even cut their grass through the tangling without seeing its nearness. The assortment of our ring entryway mats can likewise be benefited in electric safe and flame retardant assortments also.


  • Grass Mats
  • Entrance door mats

Their special compound of reclaim and rubber having UV protection does not get affected by:

  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Grease or oil
  • Organic solvents or chemicals

Size overview:

40cm x 60cm22mm – 16mm
50cm x 100cm22mm – 16mm
80cm x 120cm22mm – 16mm
100cm x 150cm22mm – 16mm

Electrical Ribbed Mats

  • ISI mark Insulation Mats are used in substation, power plants, for oor covering below control
    panels to provide the safety of workman due to possible leakage of current
  • Conrming to IS 15652: 2006 (Superseding IS: 5424-1969)
  • For Both AC and DC application
  • Flame Retardant
  • High Tensile Strength and Elongation properties
  • Finish: One Side Plain other side patterned
  • Tensile Strength: 15N/mm2 (min.)
  • Elongation at Break: 250% (min.)
  • Leakage Current: 10 mA (max.)
  • Working Temperature: -10°C to 55°C

Honeycomb Mats

Omarain Rubber, being one of the noteworthy Honeycomb Mats Manufacturers in India has a wide range of mats available to offer an extreme level of comfort. They are designed keeping in mind their need in different industries, thus, they offer excellent drainage and anti-fatigue properties. We use ultra-tech technology in the manufacturing of our offered Honeycomb Floor Mat to ensure their long-life and high standards. Moreover, we make sure it passes quality parameters before reaching the final customers.

Coin Mats

This flooring mat with a raised circular design on the surface is widely in indoor application such as air part, hotels, shopping malls etc. Available in wide verity of colors is available in this flooring. Mats are available in various compounds depending on their indented use.

Rubber Sheets

Our product range includes a wide range of industrial rubber sheet, silicone rubber sheets, sbr material rubber flooring mat, black rubber cow mat, coin pattern rubber floor mat and black rubber sheets.

With many years of industrial experience, Saurashtra Mill Stores brings forth an elite array of Industrial Rubber Sheet, which is available with us in high flexibility, strength, dimensional accuracy and many other features. Additionally, our comprehensive array of Industrial Rubber Sheet also provides low permanent set features and good twisting qualities at low temperature. However, natural rubber is not suggested for outdoor applications where utmost conflicts to sunlight, ozone, heat aging or oxygen are key aspects. All these sheets are available in varied sizes, shapes and specifications. It is made carefully and in a proper way to suit the requirements of various industries. So, we are enlisted amidst our clients as one of the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Conveyor Rubber Sheet from UAE.
Features of Industrial Rubber Sheet:

  • Good thermal conduction
  • Weather resistance
  • Optimum quality
  • Bulk range
  • Excellent properties
  • Quality assurance
  • Water proof
  • Anti-shock
  • Air proof

Applications of Industrial Rubber Sheet:

  • Seal Buffer Washers
  • Rubber Mat
  • Seals
  • And Ground Pavement
  • Decoration