Our way of manufacturing products for marine industry

For marine sector, we also manufacture seals, lead-throughs, vibration absorbers, Silicone and liquid silicone components, and customer-specific polyurethane products.All of this is executed with a clear focus on the demand and condition posed by the security and sustainable solutions. We depart from the specific needs of the individual sector and engage actively in finding the proper solution to the problem, from a basic sketch to the final product, focusing on Resistance against corrosion and wear in the industry.

Why Us

We have constantly added new products to suite the exact requirements of the local and surrounding markets.

Omarain has manufactured and exported dock bumpers and fenders used for defense applications and port jetties to the GCC countries. Fenders of cylindrical, square or D shape profiles of different sizes are being manufactured by Omarain for boats and pontoons. In maritime industry, the rubber properties used in the equipment is mainly to resist and prevent corrosion and as constructive material

Challenges in shipbuilding and pipelines in the seawater and their filters are all subject to mechanical wear and corrosion. This is why Omarain usesSoft grades of rubber, based for the most part on natural rubber, making sure that we provide functional solutions.

Omarain Takes into account the Legislative regulations issued for the emission of pollutants produced by ships, making sure rubber-coated structures help in protecting ships from corrosion.