For over a century Natural rubber has been used in engineering applications leading to an increasing use in critical areas such as Oil & Gas (incl. off-shore oil installations), Bridges with shear vibration and shockand in seismic bearings for the protection of buildings from earthquakes. It is the unique combination of properties of natural rubber which lead to its choice in these applications.
In Construction Natural Rubber with its properties is the leading choice for engineering applications in critical areas such as Bridges, with shear shock and vibration, and in seismic bearing for building protection against earthquakes.
Omarain Manufactures sophisticated parts that are used in ground services of aviation industry, aluminum plants, block factories etc. For instance: bellows, moiuntings, clamp rubbers, vibration insulators, sealing rings, rubber parts for elevator. Spares for heavy duty vehicles and machines etc. are products that we manufacture on a continuous basis for local and overseas markets.
In Addition ‘Neoprene’ is specific type is compounded for specific properties in Construction Industry, for example low temperature and compression set provides resistance which makes neoprene a choice material for applications in construction sector.
Neoprene's is weathering resistance, and is also ozone resistant, and has a high tensile strength and low compression set. This makes neoprene an attractive choice among synthetic rubber for outdoor applications.