The Rubber industry is versatile. The clients are engaged in consultation and collaboration,

Going through a process of idea development to prototype production leading to the manufacturing of the clients’ solution. All according to the specific requirements and needs, taking into account, the rubber compounds formulation that fit the specific function, taking the process further where we have the technology to incorporate steel, polyethylene and aluminum, to increase the product’s performance. Rubber bonding to these materials requires know-how and experience.

Omarain has field-proven products that attest to this superior bond strength.

While more and more aluminum is being produces each year the demand for aluminum rolls cover for the industry. At Omarain we have the knowledge experience of roll cover design for the application.

  Fully managed from the initial work to the end

  Our work stands the test of time successfuly

  Motivated, highly-trained experts ready for work

  After almost half a century years of experience

  Quality Products