Urethane Casting Products for the Marine Industry

Urethane Casting Products for the Marine Industry

Urethane Casting products offer a unique solution in the Marine Industry where specific environmental stress factors place high demands on maintenance and repair parts.

Durability and Cost-effectiveness

In a fast-paced industry where vessels need to be at optimum operating hours, Omarian Rubber Industries has innovative products for providing sustainable solutions that are corrosion resistant and industry effective.

Omarian Rubber Industries has a wealth of experience in the marine industry, and the capacity to manufacture quality custom molded Urethane products.

Marine Industry applications include:

●      Custom Urethane Liners

Custom Urethane Liners are designed to solve wear problems to protect equipment from wear caused by movement. Like other urethane products, these liners help prevent downtime and maintenance and offer long-lasting protection in a corrosive marine environment.

●      Flexibility

Manufactured to withstand seawater and the stress and wear of everyday components like pipeline rollers and tension pads are suitable applications for Urethane Castings. Stress on parts can lead to breaks or damage, and consequently loss of operating hours and revenue. The durability of custom casted urethane can save money and time with the ability to endure more stress than materials like metallic casings.

●      Versatility

Custom Urethane Liners can be used for a wide variety of parts – seals, chafing gears, pipe spacers, rollers, pads, bushings, rings, nozzles, etc.  –the solution is castable.

●      Durability

Urethane casted components hold up well in high corrosive environments like seawater, it withstands vibration and mechanical chafing well, and it is heat resistant. These capabilities make it well suited for marine environments.

Unique Design

To make a urethane casting, a silicone elastomer mold is made, which is injected with urethane and additive resins. The product is cheaper and faster to manufacture and custom-designed to exactly match your product dimensions and specifications.

Urethane castings are used for short-run and low to medium production as the silicon mold itself wears quickly.

●      Master Pattern

A master pattern is drawn up in CAD model of the part needed. Custom drawings offer the ability to manufacture a custom-made unit. Subsequently, the master pattern is utilized to make a 3D print or a CNC model of the required part.

●      Making the Mold

  • Problematic features of certain components that will affect the casting quality, like required holes for fastenings, deep and narrow holes, internal cavities, and channels, can be left out and added after the casting has been made to ensure quality.
  • Silicon molds are easy to manipulate and remove once the casting is set. Pliability eliminates the need for draft angles as needed when utilizing injection molding.

In a marine environment like the OIl and Gas industry Urethane casted parts offers specific advantages t with a range of products that are:

  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Withstand hardness tests for most applications
  • Tensile Strength up to 14.000 psi
  • Flexural Strength, especially in thin cross-sections

Urethane Casted parts offer the following advantages over other materials:

  • Low Capital Investment – Because the manufacturing process is simplified, substantial cost savings can be made.
  • Short production runs – A component can be casted in a matter of days as opposed to several weeks if different materials and methods are used.
  • Simple Manufacturing Process – It only involves making the pattern, the mold, then pouring the resin.
  • Varied ranges of Toughness and Flexibility – Depending on the desired hardness or flexibility of a component, the composite of resins can be adjusted to match specifications

Machines running in the  Marine Industry benefit from the following applications:

  • Compression Molded Urethane parts like diaphragms used in pumps
  • High impingement resistance, shock absorption, and fatigue resistance parts like pulleys and guide rollers
  • Power Plant and Engine room ready parts that are shock and vibration resistant and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Dampers and shock absorbers that are used in processing plants on vessels that have prolonged lifecycles due to their corrosion-resistant properties.

 Find functional Urethane Casting parts, offering a quick turnaround time and cost-saving solutions here.